Why Everything is Related to Mind

Why everything is related to the mind That mind that connects the heart The heart convey its emotions through the eyes Those eyes which cannot utter words Which utters thousands of unuttered words Words are the power of mouth Which many times we don’t know how to use That can rip someone apart That can […]


My Journey to the Deep Meditation Practicum-2021

Firstly, what is Anusthan- deep meditation practicum? Beginning of My Inner journey through Meditation Practicum Corona has affected worse than I thought. A continuous year being at home felt like a disconnection from the whole world to me. It was not good, while everything around was not good it was quite obvious to be disturbed […]


you owe it to yourself

You owe it to yourself. You owe yourself love, selflove is not selfish.  Gotta change your perspective around yourself. Most annoying thing one can here is, selflove is selfish. You have to make sure of the fact that you are yourself. Not the people pleaser. roll your sleeves and take a sit, have a chill […]