Why Everything is Related to Mind

everything is related to mind

Why everything is related to the mind
That mind that connects the heart
The heart convey its emotions through the eyes
Those eyes which cannot utter words
Which utters thousands of unuttered words
Words are the power of mouth
Which many times we don’t know how to use
That can rip someone apart
That can bring someone to be a part.

Why it has to be so underrated
Why life is so confusing
Might it is how
It supposed to be
Maybe that is why
There’s so much more to see
We don’t hear
What we need, many times
Love, expectations, dreams, and hopes
Expectations, dreams, and hopes convey love
A person who can’t love himself
Want others to love him more.

The sad truth about reality
Here’s everything but honestly
If we expect honesty
There’s a hand in a fire
And another calming that with heat

Love, life, dreams, and reality
They do not meet in between
One is different from another
Using word would be a better option
Which pronounce poll apart

Anyway that’s a whole book on it
If I could have been able to express myself
Good enough for you to understand
I wouldn’t have written this
About life and can’t express it how!

Everything is Related to Mind‘.

tried something very different from my genre. hope you guys like it. also, check out the rest of my work from here. And check to catch me on Instagram @pinal_desai27

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