My Journey to the Deep Meditation Practicum-2021

Firstly, what is Anusthan- deep meditation practicum?

Beginning of My Inner journey through Meditation Practicum

Corona has affected worse than I thought. A continuous year being at home felt like a disconnection from the whole world to me. It was not good, while everything around was not good it was quite obvious to be disturbed and an imbalance state and I was going through same. A disconnection landed into discomforts and disbalanced.

A dull long never-ending number of days and months led me to a very monotonous moment of my life and now I needed a refreshment more than ever. To be precise not just a refreshment what I was looking for or what I needed at that point of time was a rebirth or a different perspective towards life.

On 20th December,2020 one of my friends randomly shared a video with me which got me right on. One of a famous celebrity was briefing over a topic- A spiritual topic describing about upcoming Mahashibir which was going to be conducted over online mostly through YouTube live. Without any particular reason I was hooked by the concept and it was for me interesting enough to attend. Starting from 23rd December, 2020. Three days to go and I was waiting eagerly for the same.

Especially due to covid-19 it was a relief to attend the whole program online. Timing was a task for me, morning at 6. Being a night owl, it was obvious for me to not to be able to attend the morning session but fortunately repeat telecast was scheduled at 6 at evening at the same time.

First day of Mahashibir was completely unexpected. it was Sadaguru Shree ShivKrupanand Swamiji’s pravachan(discourse) it was. Personally, I am not the person who will believe in the concept of spirituality. Not this easily at least but this was a different experience for me. Something I’ve never felt before.

The very first day of Mahashibir one thing I noticed was something inside me was hooked, like directly targeted to my soul or something. It definitely touched my soul and I felt the nearest to my soul. I could hear my soul talking and that experience was heartmelting. Something in my mind could not accept it easily.

And the very last day of Mahashibir one thing I was confident about was the fact that whatever I was looking for. I’ve got it. Now by hook or crook I wanted to know more about this whole foundation. I wanted to explore myself from within and the thought of it I guess helped me to generate curiosity. Curiosity about what is meditation, how deeply does It work. Everyone talks about ‘benefits of meditation’ but I wanted to know something more than just that.

And in the meantime, I came across a message related to 45 days of deep meditation practice. During this 45 days Gurudev practices deep meditation. So, it is the golden time period to do meditation and connect with the supreme source. To have the ultimate bliss and begin your inner journey. As I’ve mentioned I was very very curious about what and how and when and why and what-not! So I decided to try this experience of 45 days deep meditation practice.

I came across; we were asked to fill it interested to attend these 45 days of deep meditation practice. Though due to covid-19 some rules were changed. Only 45 people are allowed in the premises of Aashram and also whoever will be selected they have to go through the process of covid-19 test and only if he/she is tested negative then only he/she is allowed to participate in this practice via staying at Ashram. Luckily,

I filled the form and got selected. I was so happy when I heard the news that I have been selected for 45 days deep meditation practice at Ashram. To be honest, I have never ever felt this happiness.

The joy and excitement was inexpressible. It was indeed an emotional moment for me. And I had another question, why I was this Happy? And why have I never felt this emotion in my life before. It is important for me to find the answer to this question. And I hope I will find the answer soon. The inner journey is the thing that you owe it to yourself. and this was my inner journey meditation practicum. That surely will be another story to share meanwhile check out Gurutattva and for more stay tuned.


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