lessons I learn in 2020

lessons I learn in 2020

lessons i learn in 2020

Firstly, whishing y’all a very happy new year. We all have been waited for this new year for a quite time now and now here it is. 2020 -the previous year was not a good year though it managed to give some lessons; lessons I learn in 2020. lessons which was long over due to learn. In order to save the tiny amount of humanity that has been resting within all of us, it was the time to awaken it.

Few lessons which 2020 has taught me and I am quite thank full for that. I know it sounds strange but it is true. I’m gonna be listing those lessons down and many be many of you will agree with me.

  • Staying at home

Staying at home was not only the request it was been forced upon us. For our own good. The entire globe was shut down. Everyone was at there home. It gave earth the time to heal and it gave me a different perspective to be honest. A perspective which I was failed to see through all this time. Staying at home helped me with healing myself as well. My writings (I wrote a web series and point down several different ideas to make a movie about) help me heal my skin my body and my inner self. Staying at home did not only help me heal myself but also taught me that I should appreciate my house.

  • Not to take it for granted

Yes, some may disagree but this is so true. There are so many things we took for granted, some knowingly some by unawareness. We took so many things for granted and that is not good. That is so not good thing to do. Thank you 2020 for realizing me this. Things that I took for granted were; staying at home, loving myself, home cooked food, sticking with budget and natural fresh air.

  • Family

They say no one will be there by your side but your family and it is sooo true. Everyone faced it and everyone experienced that no one will be there with you but your family. So please do not take them- your family for granted. They are the one who will stick with you by thick and thin, when it is time to celebrate or in the times of sorrow. Appreciate their efforts. Appreciate their being there in your family. Embrace that love them most importantly show them your love.

  • take care of yourself.

take care of yourself was agenda of 2020. it is important and how much that 2020 already saw us. take some time and be with yourself is not selfish at all. it is good and most important thing to do. because you owe it to yourself. [ check out my post for more about you owe yourself and some selflove tips.]

  • Being healthy

2020 has been nothing but the eye-opening year especially for being healthy. In a weird way can say that 2020 was the ambassador for being healthy campaign and it did its job pretty well. If you are healthy everything else can be taken care of. And most importantly it is not only about physical health it Is also about Mental Health. It is so important to be mentally healthy. Because if your healthy, mentally and physical my dear friend you can conquer the world. So please take care of yourself. Be mentally healthy and physically stunning.


Here are some of the lessons I’ve learnt in the previous year. This is a part one of it part 2 will come shortly. The important thing here is love yourself and appreciate everything that you have. Wishing you all a very happy new year.

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