homemade easy hot chocolate

homemade easy Hot chocolate

The Winter is here and all I can think about is food for my soul.  Well yes, it is more than just a food for me. It is food for my soul. Homemade hot chocolate is always there on rescue for my midnight cravings. The soul feeding, pleasant, satisfactory and loving thing is (drum rolls…) none other than HOT CHOCOLATE! I know (oh, Monica) hot chocolate is more than just a drink it is an inexpressible emotion.

hot chocolatehot chocolate, homemade hot choclate

The warm hug of mug full of hot chocolate is all I crave for right now [it is 1 A.M. right now!] so what better time it can be to please our self with this premium deliciousness.

when we think about hot chocolate, it does not mean we have go somewhere and spend some money over it, we can make it at home This recipe of hot chocolate. it’s pretty easy and quick as well. benefits of homemade hot chocolate is it’s always up for any customizations; you can turn into your taste any time you want. add ingredients or omit some that you don’t like. about measurements as well you can always be playful with your measurements for hot chocolate.



Dark chocolate

Milk chocolate


Cocoa powder

Cream (for decorations)

Chocolate syrup (optional-for decorations)


Boil milk I’d advice to keep stirring in between. Let it boil for some time – ideally till one boil.

Add cocoa power and sugar in it, mix everything nice after it combines well add chopped dark chocolate and milk chocolate stir everything really well. Keep stirring the mixture till approximately  5 to 7 minutes once everything is nicely combined and the milk mixture is smooth pour it in the mug and top our hot chocolate with cream and chocolate syrup.

Things to take care about:

  • You don’t want to boil the milk too much.
  • The thickness of milk is totally up to your taste, you can keep it slightly textured by not melting the chopped chocolates entirely.
  • Also, here I have shared extra chocolaty hot chocolate, you can totally adjust according to your taste. I like to go crazy when it comes to chocolate!
  • I have not mentioned the measurements here because it is completely up-to your taste;

Though I made two mugs of hot chocolate and for that I used

  • – Milk – 2 cups
  • – Dark chocolate – 50 gm
  • – Milk chocolate – 50 gm
  • – Sugar – 3 tbsp
  • – Cocoa powder-3 tbsp

use this recipe to treat yourself some deliciousness. Also let me know how it was. comment below if you want some more delicious and quick easy recipes. for some insights and quick recipes follow me on Instagram @pinal_desai27

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