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the one with two shades

The one with the two shades 🎭.

Your sanity your peace it’s all about you. And the only person who can keep that in control is none other than you. Either deal with it or ignore it but that’s the fact and that ain’t gonna change. But blaming on the other person whether it is your partner or friend or parents or anyone for that matter. As the picture shows, everyone has two sides, rather more no one knows , Everyone has their flows and rather than hiding it try to embrace that, that is what makes you, YOU. Embracing your flows is the only thing you can do to get over any sort of insecurity.
It is fun to follow the of sanity through everything, nothing gives better satisfaction than living with peace. And dealing with insecurities embracing flaws are treat worthy thing to do. In order to keeping self care game strong, only taking care of skin hair and weight not gonna help. Embrace your true self, trust me that is worth more than anything in this world.


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