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It cost me zero money.

It cost me zero money.

Yes, you’ve read it right. It cost me literally zero rupee!

I am late owl, I rarely (very very rarely….) wake up early in the morning. One fine morning I accidently woke up early like around 6 am or something. I woke up fresh and took bath headed out to balcony to enjoy the weather and morning sun. Magically it this all was so fresh and exciting. Made myself cup of coffee and tuned in some old fun Bollywood songs on which I danced around randomly and boy! it was fun. I felt so light and fresh like some kid, and I realized it take no extra efforts to be happy.

No extra effort from anyone else; no one else can make you happy unless you want to be happy. IT’S YOU. It’s you who can make yourself happy accept this as soon as you can. The better you understand it the better It is for yourself.

I learnt it from an accidently waking up early one fine morning. Just by soaking the early sun having cup of coffee and enjoying the old fun music which I grow up listening to.

It is strange that how we take everything so literally. We do not make time for ourself. We, me and you; all of us are so busy being ‘grown ups’ and do grown up stuff that we forget that we need to make time for ourself. That is the all ultimate – direct or indirect reason why we are doing whatever we are doing.

So yes, love yourself and most importantly show that love. Just some time for an hour or something. Do whatever makes you happy it does not have to cost a thing because

if I had it for free, so can you.

it all needs to makesun, fresh morning, soaking in sun, fresh air, having fun, me time, love you feel light, something makes you feel fresh and most important is do whatever you want to do it is your time off some screen time. DO NOT TOUCH THAT SCREEN. No screen allowed.

Skin care, body care, hair care, nail care. Ah, anything take care of yourself. Love and show that gentle love.

Babe, you owe it to yourself. Take some time off. Just an hour can charge you enough for a week! Trust me try it, go on try by yourself.

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